Our Pastor

Pastor Johnathan Halton

Pastor Halton

Pastor Johnathan Halton is the spiritual leader of the Cleburne Full Gospel Holy Temple Church. Pastor Halton is an anointed man of God who preaches and teaches the unadulterated Word of God out of his soul without fear or favor. He declares and delivers the word of God in a powerful, authoritative yet heartfelt manner. As a man of God, he uses the word of God as a comprehensible weapon against the enemy and as a tool to uplift and equip the believer.

Before his call to pastoral ship, he was a faithful, dedicated servant of Full Gospel Holy Temple Headquarters located in Dallas, Texas under the Founding leadership of Drs. Apostle Lobias and Evangelist Shirley Murray, where he served in various ministerial and outreach auxiliaries to benefit the work of God. It is under his leader’s tutelage he learned how to serve the Lord and lead God’s people.

Pastor Halton committed his life to God as a young man in college. After accepting the call of God on his life, he always found himself busy doing the work of the Lord. Pastor Halton passed out tracts and preached the gospel of deliverance on the streets of Dallas, Texas and surrounding areas. Also, he was an active and faithful member of Saturday Morning Youth Service. He has ministered at revivals in various cities and states where God has saved and delivered many souls.

Pastor Halton loves God and the souls of mankind. His heart‘s desire and prayer is to do the will of God and to win souls for the kingdom of God.

Pastor Halton’s testimony remains; “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature.”

Pastor Halton and his wife, Carolyn are the blessed parents of two children, Johnathan II and Christyn.